Feeling lonely

Woke up at 4:45 today, my dreams were me working on the bandcamp import and putting it into action. I still feel super uneasy and worried that my current production isn’t enough to attract eyes. So I went to youtube and found a video on how to make a room look professional on camera. I think I need to take the podcast to the next level with on camera interviews, at least with my self and some how showing the interviewed person (computer idea).

I also checked my podcast, barely peaking 20 plays on new episodes. What did stand out is my most played episode at 210 plays as of this morning is “Future Funk & Vaporwave News of the Week – 3/22/2019 #2”. No description, no image, just that title. Yet my 1 and 3rd episode with the same title structure are doing much better than the Weekly News with keywords barely get 20 plays. I changed weekly news 4 and 5 to follow same format. Let’s see if this makes a difference.

I do have a total play time of 2,050 as of today. Which impresses me a bit.

Hit 301 followers this morning. I found this awesome album Undine Media by Riverwave 川の波 which has actually lifted my spirits a bit. I feel pretty happy because of it’s sound and there’s a cassette available which is nuts because this came out last year. I bought one, first cassette since I started MTHU. I love this sound so much.

I reached out to Riverwave because their music has helped me out a lot


For some reason I feel really lonely right now. I almost feel in love and in heart break at the same time. I crave a relationship more than I understand and it’s on my mind a lot lately.

What value can I bring to a new release?

  • Add to calendar
  • Posted to /r/futurefunk discord
  • Post to MTHU discord
  • Post on Twitter multiple times
  • Post on daily catch up
  • Post on Weekly Podcast / Youtube episode

Made a twitter scraper but I follow too many artists / labels so it takes like 10-15 minutes. 

I reached out to a girl in a veggie group, echo. She has a boyfriend but I know her boss from Finland. Small world. Too bad she’s cute and is interested in rock climbing.