Is it cool to fan boy over a rival?

Couldn’t get a long rest again, I think I’m thriving on the 6 hours of sleep mantra. I woke up at 3:45 wish and that was probably before I woke up at 12:00 feeling full rested. I didn’t check the clock as I knew I didn’t sleep long enough yet. 

So I get on my computer and start working for the day. Lucky for me VT (redacted) contacted me and we had our interview, at 5AM. Which actually I sounded more chipper than normal. I enjoyed the idea of the interview but he wasn’t very… engaging on interesting content which is unfortunate because he’s been bugging me for weeks for an interview.

In other news, we hit 100 subscribers on youtube. That’s big considering it was started less than a month ago. 

I even did a morning meditation on forgiving myself. I did the best I could do with what I had. I was in a terrible mindset the entire relationship and torturing myself. I didn’t know how to handle any of it. At the end of the day I didn’t do anything out of malice or at least I don’t feel I did. I tried my best to let go and I wasn’t able. Everyone was hurt in the end and I’m still dealing with it a year later. But, I just gotta keep telling me self, I did the best with what I had.

  • Go through twitter list to get a list of worthy checks (this is huge)
  • Write episode notes for 4/19/2019 
  • Record episode and upload before 2:00pm (lol)
  • 空手王青少年の墓 [Tomb of Youth] Anniversary Edition (cassette)

Tip: Asking people to ask questions for an interview gets people interested in the episode and involved. They are more likely to listen to the episode to see if they get shouted out.

I still need to verify it for myself but Pad Chennington shouted out the Ahero episode on his live stream. Which is crazy because I joined the chat but was having internet issues, so didn’t hear it first hand. Keep your friends closer and your enemies closer. If I keep showing up every where he does I’ll start over come him.. terrible haha. So twitter spec, as of today he has 2091 followers and I have 315. Lets see how that gap looks next week. 

In order for me to get to the top of this game, I need to increase my interview production, that’s the only way.

I am tired out of my mind. I’ve been working so hard I forgot about the weekly episode. So recorded that and uploaded it too late. Part of the issue is at the last 2 minutes of the episode the drilling started and went on for 3 hours. That didn’t work out for me.

Holy fudge. I listened to Pad Chennington talked about my podcast. He mentioned he liked that the Ahero episode was short and interesting stuff. How in his own interviews, they are too long. I knew it, interviews need to be short. People don’t have 20-45 minutes to listen to anything. Especially with no visuals. Damn that’s some good confirmation. Thanks Pad.