Future John, You’ll be able to answer these…

I started playing go 8/26/2016. The first month I started I just studied a few books and went to a local tournament. They don’t have them often (seems like once a year), so I had to go and experience the game. When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing but I seemed to be able fight well enough. That weekend tournament, I won 1 and lost 3. Not bad for less then a month of studies.

When I was first starting off and didn’t understand most things. Well now I understand more at 18Kyu, but I still am very much confused with the various concepts. Thus, I’m going to write them out below and hopefully come back to these questions once I become better. There’s a learning curve most people get through and they forget what they were so confused about after it clicks. It happened to me with programming and it’ll happen with go.

So in order to help future generations of Go players, I’m going to ask questions about the game of Go, I do not understand at 18kyu.

  1. I don’t understand Fuseki, openings, Joseki or any of it. I understand it’s supposed to start getting me towards establishing territory off the start. Or setting myself up for defense. but the moves seem totally random.
  2. What should I do after putting down the 2 corner stones and then white goes in between?
  3. What should I do after white does this multiple times? Do I attack?
  4. When should I start attacking?

More coming soon.