how can I turn this into a thriving business? (no answer)

I don’t know why but today I’m feeling really tired and not motivated to work as hard as I normally have. I did change the slogan on the site, “The guide to Future Funk & Vaporwave news”. Also titling the site as news. I also edited the side menu to include description of each menu option. Added a bunch of releases to hoot suite. Also started 4/22 daily news. Oh and finished editing the Melonade interview and made the episode graphics. And it’s not even lunch. 

I guess I should feel like this is progress but this is the same stuff I’ve been doing. I need to innovate on the current system in a way that gets me closer to making this profitable. 

What I need to do today:

  • Write up the Melonade interview show notes & blog post
  • Create the youtube video for the Melonade interview and upload
  • Finish the daily news + graphic

I read the 20/80 book yesterday and came up with a bunch of ideas. But requires some major programming I think on my end so not sure what to do next with these ideas. I’ll look more into it when I’m feeling more alive about the project.

On the 6th I went to that WordPress event in my hometown and I asked, “What’s the point of MTHU?”. I’m happy to say yesterday I figured it out. Pad Chennington is the what of genres, I’m The Who of the scene. The Who as in the artists. That’s why I have the events, that’s why I do weekly and daily news, that’s why I interview. I’ve figured that out. 

Now I need to figure out, how can I turn this into a thriving business.