overwhelmed & discouraged

Feeling overwhelmed or maybe even discouraged about this whole thing. Three days now in China and I barely broke any ground on getting closer to making this monitzable. Plus for some reason I have the sense of dread over living here. I’m having a lot of people reach out to me about interviews but for some reason that doesn’t excite me. Interviews are fun, posting new releases are fun but it’s not improving my living situation. Which I need to get out of my head, I’m doing this because I rather be doing this than sitting in an office chair. I can support myself doing this for a while, so just enjoy it and see where it takes us.

Todays tasks

  • Script the rips bandcamp releases into an event format 
  • Interview questions for Mélonade
  • Daily news

Went into the HAX off today too, which was nice. Worked on the bandcamp rip code and finished it. I think I might go into HAX more often for programming related stuff. 

Went rock climbing after work. Really after lunch. Learned that this wall is for monkey swinging, which is harder than it seems. After work, I went and bought groceries for dinner but crashed on the couch when I got home. I woke up 30 minutes before my Melonade interview. Quickly got questions together and then interviewed him. Not my best interview but it’ll work. Stayed up another 2 hours adding daily news and adding those to Hootsuite.