A small memory of my Gameboy and TLOZ Link’s awakening

I was listening to this: and the gameplay showed link swimming, and I started thinking to myself, link swims? Then black and white gameplay started showing up in my head and the connections in my brain put together something I forgotten and lost so long ago. One of the first Gameboy games I owned as […]

How NASA could handle ETI (Alien) discovery

I am currently part of the space stack exchange beta forum that doesn’t have public access. A member on that forum asked an interesting question about how countries would handle Extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) discovery. Well, I wrote a pretty awesome answer that I wanted to publish on my website here for the enjoyment of my non-existing […]

Last Minute WWDC Guesses

There is 9 minutes left until the Keynote at WWDC starts so i’ll take this time to give out my guesses. 1. As everyone is suspecting, a new interface for iOS. I am going to guess that the icons are going to be similar to that of the WWDC and the interface across all apps will be […]

Apple iOS 7: Apple still has it!

This morning I was plesently surprised to find out the WWDC app had a new interface! Check this out:   If this new theme is any suggestion to what Apple has in store for iOS 7, I am super excited. Also apple doesn’t usually do something like this, unless it’s going to be big. And […]

iOS 7 Leaked icons

So apparently all these apple tech sites have evidence of the new iOS 7 flat icons… Even going into explaining what’s missing or changed. All from a blurry photo… Which in the world of amazing camera’s on everything, you would think blurry photos for leaks would be a thought of the past. Luckily a Designer, Surenix, […]

Tickets for WWDC 2013 Sell Out in Less then a minute!

I was fortunate enough to get the okay to go to WWDC 2013 this year. Unfortunately, it looks like I wont be going. It has been a recent trend that each year, apples WWDC sell out quicker and quicker. From my personal experience today, it would sold out in 30 seconds. Looks like now I’ll […]

little word game in the makes! + perl code

Back when I interned at Shodor, I built a little word unscramble app that would be used to teach up coming high schoolers how easy it is to develop iOS applications. Though, they just viewed a document which had most of th code written for them, everyone seemed to enjoy learning how to develop an […]

iOS: Text input on popup dialog box

Before iOS 5 there was not an easy way to create a text input box inside a popup dialog box (UIAlertView). So on a project I was working on, I figured out a way to create one. This works with iOS 4 and up. I also have provided iOS 5’s new way of doing it […]