Podcast Badge (icon pack) for Google, Apple, Spotify and Stitcher

If you’re looking for a good way to share you’re link to your podcast on various platforms you’ll need to follow the strict requirements set by each provider. In this post you’ll find the links to Apple, Google, Spotify and Stitcher so you can easily add links to your own website or related media.


Apple has their own guidelines and they are strict that you do not change. That guideline and icons can be found here:



Google also has their own guidelines for Google Play Music badge. Cool thing is google actually lets you generate your own html and all that. Thanks Google!

Google Play Music link can be found here:


or if you want Google Podcast link:



Spotify’s branding requirements are not as uniformed in design as Google and Apple but they still have guidelines you must follow. This can be found here:


Download: https://newsroom.spotify.com/media-kit/logo-and-brand-assets/


I couldn’t find one exactly from Stitcher themselves but did find this image that seems to be used by other podcast.



So that about does it. Hopefully that makes your podcast promotion a little bit easier. If this is useful let me know, I’m going through the process of starting a podcast and I’m documenting all the hang ups or questions I had and how I solved them. I’m hoping this makes other podcasters experience easier. Cheers.

* I’m not reliable for images used or branding requirements or anything. Just giving suggestions, do your own research on requirements

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