Sign up as a label on Bandcamp

First you’ll need to visit https://Bandcamp.comand select Sign up from the banner bar. A popup will appear asking which type of account you want to sign up as. Select the Sign up as a label option. Bandcamp will redirect you to the Bandcamp for Labels page, as seen below:


Although for artists Bandcamp is free to use, using Bandcamp as a proper label requires a monthly $20 USD/month payment for up to 15 artists ($50 USD/month for unlimited). 

Tip: If you wish to run a “fake” label, you can easily just use an artist account and Bandcamp lets you set the artist name for any album you upload. You don’t get all the features of the labels, but most users won’t know the difference. You’ll also need to pay your artists by hand, which might get tricky.

Bandcamp actually recommends using an artist account as a label if you’re releasing one off albums or EPs. 

Quoting Bandcamp:

Yes. A label that primarily releases one-off reissues should probably stick with just an artist account. There’s really no need to create individual accounts for every artist across dozens of unique 7"s, for example -- you’re better off using the custom artist field on those releases, and keeping them under your existing account. 

Using Bandcamp as a paid label includes the following features:

  1. Unified accounting - account with filters by artist, SKU and bookkeeping
  2. Pro - all artists get Bandcamp Pro for free
  3. Simplified Merch fulfillment - clearer interface
  4. Set Payments at a release level - payments sent directly to artists with Bandcamp accounts already established
  5. Custom artists page - with drag and drop customization
  6. Unified Stats - information about individual artists with plays, sales and location data.
  7. “Easily convert your artist-that’s really-a-label” account - as mentioned in the note above
  8. Bandcamp customer service - labels have higher priority over free artist accounts

Signing up as a label is as easy as setting an email, password, label name, a custom Bandcamp url and location. After creating the account you’ll have the opportunity to set your payment process (Paypal) and start running your label. The sign up process is more or less the same as signing up as an artist.

Bandcamp does allow for canceling label accounts at any time. It’s unclear what happens to a label account that is canceled but I have a feeling it becomes an artist account with multiple artists. Obviously without the said features above.

If you are unconvinced if Bandcamp for labels is worth you time, here are a list of some of the biggest labels on Bandcamp using this feature:

Merge Records, R&S Records, Hyperdub, City Slang, SUB POP, ANTI, Milk Records, Epitaph, 100% Electronica and thousands of more.

Need more information about labels?

Note: Chapter 5 has more information on the label tools available to manage their artists and albums.

Convert Artist Account to Label Account

Converting an artist account to a label account is quick and easy but it’s not reversible. To start, login to the artist account you want to convert, then visit the Bandcamp for Labels sign up page ( and select the big green sign up button.

You’ll redirect to a new sign up for a label account page which warns you, you are about to convert an artist account into a label account, as seen below:


If you’ve been running a fake label account on your artist account and ready for the big leagues, it’s an easy process. Just make sure you’re in it for the long run because 20$-50$ a month is an investment.

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