My Step by Step to selling 1st eBay custom product

I woke up with an idea this morning. I’ve been reading the book, Cod by Mark Kurlansky and it hit me. I could make custom fishing kits. It’s not something I’ve ever really thought about before but it’s Saturday, why not do a Saturday hustle when I still haven’t found a job. So let’s start with a title.


In the fishing kit world, I think quantity matters at least in my kit as it’s geared to beginners. Here’s what I tried for the first run:

Custom Fishing Starter Tackle Kit (74 pcs) – Perfect for Beginners bait lures


Since my kits are completely custom, parts bought through various stores, I had to take my own “professional” photos. I took them on a dark wooden table. Light not reflecting on the plastic so everything is clear.


So templates are a quick and easy way to make your post look really professional. Here’s one that took me 5 minutes to put together thanks to:

I liked the USA look as it fits my american fishing outdoors theme. I add a picture of a fish I actually caught and description on my product.

free eBay template example

If you get caught up like me with the html turning really ugly and compressed. I found this website helps:

Setting a price.

It costs me EXACTLY $10.82. With about 2 hours of packaging (since it’s bulk) and then 10 minutes of photos, counting, listing descriptions and the rest of the eBay stuff. I personally want to double my listing. So for the first run I’m setting $20 price + a $4 shipping. I have 4 boxes I’m going to try selling. I will do an update on this post with thoughts after the first 4 sell.