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Installing Katago in Sabaki 2 for MacOS (2021)

Install Sabaki 2

Get download link from this website, get the latest release.

Install Katago

In terminal:

brew install katago

Just to make sure this worked, type katago in terminal to ensure you see the same:

Usage: katago SUBCOMMAND

---Common subcommands------------------

gtp : Runs GTP engine that can be plugged into any standard Go GUI for play/analysis.
benchmark : Test speed with different numbers of search threads.

Connecting Katago to Sabaki 2

  1. Open Sabaki 2 -> Engines
  2. Press the play icon and press Manage Engines...
  3. Press Add to add our new engine

There are four input fields we need to paste information (name, path, no arguments & Initial commands) but require a little more terminal commands to find the details.


For name input anything you want, I recommend Katago since that’s what engine we are setting up.


Run the follow command to get Katago’s homebrew’d install path:

$ which katago

Which will output:


Paste this into the path field in Sabaki

gtp (aka No arguments)

NOTE: This is probably the most difficult part of the installation, so follow closely. What is GTP?

The gtp input text follows this pattern we need two variables to replace, A & B:

gtp -config A -model B

Getting A

run in terminal:

brew list --verbose katago | grep .cfg | grep gtp

Getting B

run in terminal:

brew list --verbose katago | grep .gz

NOTE: here you may see more than one .bin.gz file, pick any of them.

Replace A & B

My working example:

gtp -config /usr/local/Cellar/katago/1.10.0/share/katago/configs/gtp_example.cfg -model /usr/local/Cellar/katago/1.10.0/share/katago/g170-b30c320x2-s4824661760-d1229536699.bin.gz

Now that we have replaced A & B with the config and model text we got from running the previous 2 terminal commands, paste the full gtp text into the third line in Sabaki

Initial commands

Copy and past this into Sabaki’s 4th line:

time_settings 0 5 1

This is what I found in another tutorial but it’s for tournament timing, here’s more details.

Here’s what my Sabaki looks like with all the information:

Sabaki with Katago


  1. Start a new game
  2. Select Katago for either white or black stone and begin the game

Playing against Katago

If you want to test analysis, go to engines->toggle analysis. If you are loading a previous game and want to use katago for analysis, make sure one of the opponets is Katago else it’ll say you haven’t connected an engine for analysis.