Author: jdriselvato

Is it cool to fan boy over a rival?

Couldn’t get a long rest again, I think I’m thriving on the 6 hours of sleep mantra. I woke up at 3:45 wish and that was probably before I woke up at 12:00 feeling full rested. I didn’t check the clock as I knew I didn’t sleep long enough yet.  So I get on my […]

Feeling lonely

Woke up at 4:45 today, my dreams were me working on the bandcamp import and putting it into action. I still feel super uneasy and worried that my current production isn’t enough to attract eyes. So I went to youtube and found a video on how to make a room look professional on camera. I […]

overwhelmed & discouraged

Feeling overwhelmed or maybe even discouraged about this whole thing. Three days now in China and I barely broke any ground on getting closer to making this monitzable. Plus for some reason I have the sense of dread over living here. I’m having a lot of people reach out to me about interviews but for […]

WordPress Meet up in Raleigh for help?

I went to a WordPress meet up. Here’s my notes from it. Has to be more than an interest Have to make the community to be goal oriented in the interest Learning community allows failure but coming back to get support each other Accounts for sharing your albums you bought for give away or something.. […]

2017 wrap up

Quickly, I wanted to outline the major points of my 2017. Although I accomplished a lot this year, I feel like I wasted more time than I want to in the future. Job Update The first part of the year I had the opportunity to move to a new country and found a new job […]

Summers Brighter now

June has been really awesome. Something inside woke up and said this summer take full advantage of it. To start things off, I was able to pull together a team from Raleigh to film a short film for the Asheville 48 hour film festival. It was literally all of our first time truly going through […]