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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Pokemon Moon & Sun Announced! (at least TMs)


Just when everyone was getting super hyped about Pokemon Go and the possible Pokemon Z, Nintendo surprises us all with Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun! Both Names that I truly think fits perfectly in the Pokemon world. Looking at both logos I’m actually more excited about this then Pokemon X. Now all that’s been leaked […]

How to install backups from ETH to PS2 (HDL Dump GUI + OPL)


As the years go by, it gets harder and harder to use older home-brew tools. This is totally the case for the PS2 scene as most of it’s tools are from 2008. I just bought from japan “Initial D: Special Stage” last week and it finally came in the mail. Well to my surprise, with […]

GT Racer is not based on Lucas Ordonez but it validates the idea!


To help inspire scenes for my screenplay, GT Racer, I play a lot of Gran Turismo 3 on the Playstation 2. The bulk of the plot is about a character, Alex, and his journey from Simulator racing to Driving professional Rally. It helps me to get into the mood of writing this screenplay by taking […]

Creating a Character Tree for Steven from Earth X


I’m working on a screenplay about how a new technology is accidentally activated on Earth. I’ve been writing an introduction to the script over the weekend but today I ran into a video on how to build a character using Character Trees. This is my first attempt at a Character Tree but I know finishing […]

WRC, Screenplay & Earth X


ONE┬áday I’ll take part in a WRC race. It’ll be with a 2004 WRX, Subaru, White and Mint Green paint Job with #272727 color wheels. This dream is on hold… but because of that I started writing a Screenplay. A screenplay about a kid who learns to drive rally though Gran Turismo simulation (sounds familiar). […]