GT Racer is not based on Lucas Ordonez but it validates the idea!

To help inspire scenes for my screenplay, GT Racer, I play a lot of Gran Turismo 3 on the Playstation 2. The bulk of the plot is about a character, Alex, and his journey from Simulator racing to Driving professional Rally. It helps me to get into the mood of writing this screenplay by taking a few races every day. Well today I was getting really frustrated at my inability race at the professional level. So I googled "How to Drive properly in GT3" and came upon an article about how Gran Turismo Experts are not allow to race in real life because... Well they are too fast. Crazy huh?

So in that article I also found out about Lucas Ordonez, a spanish GT expert who actually went from gamer to professional racer for Nismo! What are the chances someone actually experienced what I thought would make an amazing plot for a short film. In any case I think if anything it helps validate my idea as a plausible story.

In any case, turns out keeping your hands at 9 and 3 and keeping both break and peddle as smooth as possible is how you can increase your skill. So I put it to the test and I actually finished a race in the fastest time yet. So any hand over hand motions are really not making my turns any better. I need to learn how to gage both speed, breaking distance and turning better. If your interested in more here's the video I watched to learn this... from Lucas himself.

I don't know when GT Racer will be finished because I'm now working on Earth X but stick around for more details about both screenplays soon!