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“FFmpeg For Beginners” is now on Amazon! (Paperback & Ebook)

Today I am extremely excited to announce that “FFmpeg For Beginners” is now on Amazon. Cover over 112 different concepts, this is the ultimate FFmpeg programmers guide for users at any level. Readers at the novice level can gracefully learn FFmpeg and become upper-intermediate in no time. Soon you’ll be able to edit audio and […]

The FFmpeg Bible is now on Amazon! (Paperback & Ebook)

After careful deliberation and feedback from the community, I’ve decided to rebrand this FFmpeg For Beginners. More information here: Thanks to everyone who supported the initial release. Sorry to everyone I offended by calling it a Bible.

The FFmpeg Bible Releases Tomorrow + a Cover sneak peek

Note: I’ve received a lot of feedback about the title of the published book and the community feels the name is disingenuous for various reasons To patch things up the FFmpeg Bible will be removed from Amazon and a new title will be announced shortly. Thanks for understanding After just over a month of working […]

WordPress Meet up in Raleigh for help?

I went to a WordPress meet up. Here’s my notes from it. Has to be more than an interest Have to make the community to be goal oriented in the interest Learning community allows failure but coming back to get support each other Accounts for sharing your albums you bought for give away or something.. […]

2017 wrap up

Quickly, I wanted to outline the major points of my 2017. Although I accomplished a lot this year, I feel like I wasted more time than I want to in the future. Job Update The first part of the year I had the opportunity to move to a new country and found a new job […]

Doors of Yangshuo – self published book (FREE PDF)

August of this year, I had my first overseas vacation in a beautiful land called Yangshuo, China. Through my time their over a couple of a couple weeks, I became interested in all the different doors I saw scattered across the land. This picture books is a collection of the doors found in Yangshuo.   […]

What I Learned This Month (March, 2016)

In working progress! I learn a lot about a lot of different topics each day and I never write it down or help keep track of things I find important. So I’m going to try writing a “What I Learned This Month” each month. So welcome to the first one! Programming Larval 5 – I’m starting […]

Pokemon Moon & Sun Announced! (at least TMs)

Just when everyone was getting super hyped about Pokemon Go and the possible Pokemon Z, Nintendo surprises us all with Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun! Both Names that I truly think fits perfectly in the Pokemon world. Looking at both logos I’m actually more excited about this then Pokemon X. Now all that’s been leaked […]

How to install backups from ETH to PS2 (HDL Dump GUI + OPL)

As the years go by, it gets harder and harder to use older home-brew tools. This is totally the case for the PS2 scene as most of it’s tools are from 2008. I just bought from japan “Initial D: Special Stage” last week and it finally came in the mail. Well to my surprise, with […]

GT Racer is not based on Lucas Ordonez but it validates the idea!

To help inspire scenes for my screenplay, GT Racer, I play a lot of Gran Turismo 3 on the Playstation 2. The bulk of the plot is about a character, Alex, and his journey from Simulator racing to Driving professional Rally. It helps me to get into the mood of writing this screenplay by taking […]