Pokemon Moon & Sun Announced! (at least TMs)

Just when everyone was getting super hyped about Pokemon Go and the possible Pokemon Z, Nintendo surprises us all with Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun! Both Names that I truly think fits perfectly in the Pokemon world. Looking at both logos I'm actually more excited about this then Pokemon X.

Now all that's been leaked os far is the trade mark and logos. So lets hope for some screenshots and a demo coming soon!

Man 20 years of Pokemon and I've been with you since the first game in 1998. Being six years old getting a clear purple color GB an then Pokemon Blue was amazing. I'm glad I was born in the period of the Gameboy. I'm also glad I can still celebrate such an amazing series. Let's just hope this release isn't Nintendo's going away parting gift for Pokemon. Rumors have been said that the game may feature a tournament like style theme connecting all generations into one game. In any case, can't wait to see what Nintendo and Game Freak bring us! Whoooo Pokemon MOON AND SUN!

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