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Monthly Archives: May 2020

(FFmpeg) How to Generate a Color Palette From a Video and apply it to another?


Ever look at a video with an amazing color grading and wish you could copy it? Getting that look can be accomplished using the palettegen filter. palettegen generates a single palette for an entire video stream and saves it as an image file.  In this example, a color palette of 256 pixels is generated, as […]

(FFmpeg) How to Remove All Colors Except One From a Video?


FFmpeg has a filter called colorhold with documentation that states: Remove all color information for all RGB colors except for [a] certain one. This is incorrect, colorhold does not work this way… well not exactly. It removes colors but it’s completely unpredictable.  For example, in input.mp4 there are two blue bars on the train. If […]

(FFmpeg) How to Apply a Vignette to a Video?


A vignette is a fade that is added to the edges of an input. It’s a simple way to add atmosphere or emulate vintage television sets.  A vignette can be added without additional parameters as seen in figure 62.0: The vignette filter also has an angle parameter to adjust the angle of the fade. Below […]

(FFmpeg) How to RGB Shift a Video?


RBG shifting is one of the coolest and easiest effects for emulating 3D or add that Vaporwave Aesthetics. With rgbashift, the RGBA pixels can freely shift horizontally and/or vertically. In this example, a red horizontal shift is applied to create red/blue 3D, as seen in figure 61.0: In this example, a blue horizontal shift is […]