The FFmpeg Bible Releases Tomorrow + a Cover sneak peek

Note: I've received a lot of feedback about the title of the published book and the community feels the name is disingenuous for various reasons To patch things up the FFmpeg Bible will be removed from Amazon and a new title will be announced shortly. Thanks for understanding

After just over a month of working on The Ffmpeg Bible, I am happy to announce tomorrow (4/14/2020) the book will release on Amazon. The book will be available as an Ebook and a Physical book with over 200 pages of pure Ffmpeg knowledge.

The full title of the book is "The FFmpeg Bible - Edit Audio & Video Like a Pro for Youtube and Social Media" and here's a preview of the final cover art!

This is the ultimate FFmpeg programmers guide for users at any level. Readers at the novice level can gracefully learn FFmpeg and become upper-intermediate in no time. Soon you’ll be able to edit audio and video like a pro! Over 112 Questions fully answered with examples, scripts and images! Learn more about:

  • FFmpeg History
  • Installation
  • The Basics of FFmpeg
  • Basic Audio Conversions
  • Audio Duration Editing
  • Top Audio Filters
  • Basic video conversions
  • Video Timeline Editing
  • Top Video Filters, including:
  • Color Editing Filters
  • Sharpening / Blurring Filters
  • Video Playback Filters
  • Video Transformation Filters
  • Adding Text to Video (subtitles)
  • Image Video Filters
  • Advanced Video Filters (Including Frei0r)
  • Streaming
  • & Common Errors

I'm extremely excited to share the book with everyone and I look forward to the projects you create out of it.

Please share this release with anyone you think can benefit from learning a new programming API!

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As stated inside the book, every example and topic will be available on this website at this link.

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