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(FFmpeg) What is a ‘codec’? Explained

FFMPEG has hundreds of different codecs to edit, convert to and play from. In your journey to mastering FFMPEG you’ll face the word ‘codec’ so often that not understanding what one is, is a disservice to yourself.  Wikipedia explains a codec as:  “… a device or computer program which encodes or decodes a digital data […]

How to Configure FFmpeg with Extra Dependencies? –enable

Build dependencies are great additions to FFMPEG that makes the program even more powerful. These dependencies link to 3rd party tools that extend functionality or even simplify some processes. In this book there are a couple of audio / video filters that require extra dependencies to be installed. Installation is as follows: MacOS As of […]

How to merge multiple mp3s into one track with FFmpeg?

This is question 80 from my up and coming FFMPEG book, come join the mailing list to stay informed on more FFMPEG tutorials and announcements about the book. Here Merging audio with FFMPEG is one of the most searched questions on the internet and couldn’t be any easier. The only difference is a txt file […]

(FFmpeg) How to convert FLV to MP4?

Remember when flash was a big thing? Well turns out there are still video players online that use Flash Live Video (flv) to stream video. If you run into these files from a download, you might be hard pressed to find a player that works for it. So converting to mp4 is ideal:  NOTE: You’ll […]

iOS 5-9 LaunchImage generator (Released Open Sourced)

It’s been a while since the last time I built a tool for myself. As the iOS version gets higher the more Launch Images designers need to create for us developers. Well if you’re like me and you don’t have a designer on hand it can be a pain to get test flight users using […]

What I Learned This Month (March, 2016)

In working progress! I learn a lot about a lot of different topics each day and I never write it down or help keep track of things I find important. So I’m going to try writing a “What I Learned This Month” each month. So welcome to the first one! Programming Larval 5 – I’m starting […]

LuaPlayer for OSX/Linux (LUA Development for PSP)

Don’t struggle any longer as a developer wanting to programming PSP games/apps on Linux or OSX. I spent the last 2 days trying to compile and find a working version on LuaPlayer for OS X and finally found a solution. EMULATION I downloaded the PPSSPP, a PSP emulator, and within minutes had LuaPlayer (actually Euphoria […]

Flappys Pipe – can you survive the birds?

So I never had a chance to download Flappy Bird and get on the craze of the pointless game. What I am able to do though is create my own pointless game with birds and pipes. So I did, and it’s called Flappys Pipe. DOWNLOAD FROM APPLE APP STORE HERE How does the Game work? […]