(FFmpeg) How to Generate Text to Speech Audio?

Tip: You’ll need to enable --enable-libflite for this filter to work. 

Generating text to speech is a great feature to have locally on a computer. From using it in a YouTube video to making memes on Twitter, once you learn this filter, you’re creating content at new speeds.

There are two methods to set text and generate speech with flite; Either from a file or inside in the command. 

An example of text from a text file (speech.txt):

 $ ffmpeg -f lavfi -i "flite=textfile=speech.txt" output.mp3 

An example of text inside the command:

 $ ffmpeg -f lavfi -i flite=text='Hello World!' output.mp3 

For more information about flite, visit: https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#flite or project: http://www.festvox.org/flite/download.html

How to install flite in FFmpeg?

read more here: http://johnriselvato.com/how-to-install-flite-flitevox-for-ffmpeg/

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