A small memory of my Gameboy and TLOZ Link’s awakening

I was listening to this:

and the gameplay showed link swimming, and I started thinking to myself, link swims? Then black and white gameplay started showing up in my head and the connections in my brain put together something I forgotten and lost so long ago. One of the first Gameboy games I owned as a six year old child was "The Legend of Zelda Link's awakening"! This is amazing to me. As I sit writing this on my bed, I remember something really cool about this game. I used to play it non-stop, and to the point that the battery save feature stopped working (or this could have been because I washed plenty of gameboy games in my jeans). In any case, I remember telling my mom that this happened and we contacted nintendo (Based off the number that was on the easy to lose battery cover) and they let us send it in and they returned a new one one to me. (Now the more I think about this though, I remember sending off Zelda, but I remember receiving Pokemon Blue. My mind is remember a small folder with blue inside for some reason, regardless I remember Zelda wasn't saving correctly and we sent it off).

One thing I would regret as an old man, is forgetting the amazing memories I had with my gameboy and my childhood. And since this is my blog, I am going to continue and explain how I bought a purple (see through) gameboy color at the age of six with my own money. When I was a kid, I was in the cub scouts. For whatever reason, my family (my mother especially) pushed me really hard one year to sell a lot of pop-corn as cub scouts do. Well it turned out I sold a record amount of pop-corn which in return I received a scholarship (that I have no clue how to get now that I'm in college) and personal spending money. Around the same time, Pokemon and the new Gameboy Color just came out and I remember going to this mall in pittsburgh pennsylvania to buy Pokemon Blue and the really cool looking purple see-through gameboy (thus Pokemon Blue was my first game, even though the same moment I bought Gex 3 - Deep Pocket Gecko). I remember the details of the stores outside and the location in the right back corner where Pokemon Blue was located and exactly where I grabbed it off the shelf. I was so excited to get own gameboy! At the time I didn't understand money but I did pay for it with that money I earned, which looking back is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I have no clue where my Pokemon blue went to but I still have my beautiful original gameboy color. I play it everyone once in a while but mainly keep it for the memories.

As a quick side note, I used play so many hours of Pokemon with my friend Brian. Brian was really awesome to play with because he has a gameshark and spawned Mews for us. A few years after getting the Gameboy Color, I moved to North Carolina and lost touch with him. It's been over 10 years since we've talked. If somehow you run into me on the internet, please hit me up! I would love to see how you are doing and catch up. I still have a photo of us I've kept 🙂 along side my original Gameboy Color

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