I fancy retro vintage hardware

Macintosh SE
Macintosh SE

I never really thought much about it and maybe cause I grew up with most of it, but I collect a lot of old things. For example I own about 7 Gameboy originals (half are modded), 4 Gameboy Pockets (all modded), old keyboards (synths), old video games, the list goes on.

Recently I got back into the love of Apple. I seem to do this every once in a while and this time I landed on the Original Macintosh. After doing a load of research I finally decided to buy a Macintosh SE (and I have an SE/30 coming in the mail). I don't know what my ultimate goal is with own these, but from passed experience I like to take vintage things and repurpose them.

I'm a programmer by trade, I've been developing iOS applications since I graduated high school and the idea of programming Macintosh's just seems really cool. I don't have BASIC understanding but luckily I live in an age that allows documentation to be accessible relatively easily. Especially in technology and programming.

What I'd love to do is create a simple 4 voice tracker (chiptune) program on my macintosh and maybe play these songs live one day. I'm already due for a Gameboy LSDJ concert towards the middle of the month. Lets see where this old technology takes my imagination.

If you are interested in keeping up with my modding, music creation or life you can find me at both Twitter and Instagram at @jdriselvato

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