Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Predictions

For those of you from my generation you'll know the huge demand and hope for a Ruby and Sapphire remake. Yesterday, May 7th, 2014 (which also happens to be my cousins birthday, Happy Birthday Alex), Nintendo/Pokemon release a short trailer (above) with the good news, thanks Lord Helix. For now we do know that November 2014 the game will be out in North America!

Ruby has been my favorite Pokemon game since the first day I played it. Originally my friend in middle school, Connor, had the first generation Gameboy Advance. I was still stuck on the Gameboy Color days because my parents always wanted us to save up our money. Connor came to school one day showing off his new Pokemon game, Pokemon Sapphire, and I was in loved. The updated graphics, the new mechanics, and Pokemon just wounded me in an adventure I wanted to take part of.

Connor was my best friend at the time so luckily he let me borrow his translucent purple advance along side Pokemon Sapphire and right away I knew I had to get it too. I remember sitting in a car repair shop with my father sitting there glued to the world of Pokemon. I don't know how I exactly ever got my hands on my own version of Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire but I remember I caught all 386 pokemon one holiday break at my cousins. Then some how I got my hands on Ruby and lost Sapphire bringing me to like the Ruby version better through childish reasoning.

Now that we got my history of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire out of the way I want to get the main focus of this post, creating a prediction and wish list.

So here are my Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Predictions:

  • Personally I love wonder trade. I think for Nintendo to kill such a feature wouldn't make sense.
  • Mega-evolutions
    • I've seen some speculation about a NPC that studied a mysterious stone actually turning out to be megastones. that would be cool forshadowing
    • Hitmon set mega-evolutions would be killer
    • As the cover of the new games look Kyogre and Groudon look different which also insinuates mega-evolutions
    • Also since the starting Pokemon are different each of these should have their own Mega-evolution
Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Predictions
Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip, all expected starters.
  • 3D graphics like X & Y
    • I'm really interested in the art style that comes with this generation. I hope our main characters look the same from the original series but obviously to todays standards
    • Also Pokemon Trainer May and announcing in the month of May? Oh Gamefreak/Nintendo
  • Full 3D compatible gameplay
    •  This might be a lost cause because I think the strain on kids eyes is to much, so Pokemon limits the 3D modes because they already know long hours of gameplay awaits
  • PokeBank compatibility
    • For some reason fans are worried PokeBank will not connect with these new games.
    • I'm pretty sure Nintendo is making some bank off PokeBank with it's subscription payments. It would be foolish for them to drop it.
    • With this said, I'm going to also suggest Black and White to Ruby and Sapphire is a possibility
  • External Accessory
    • I missed the Gold and Silver Remake Accessory due to not having a DS at the time (really I bought my 3DS only for X and Y but Bravely Default has been a top class game)
    • I don't know exactly what kind of Accessory but It would be a nice added feature
  • Secret Bases!
    • I don't know how i forgot about this feature but I loved in these games building my own Secret Base.
    • Now with wifi, streetpass and all the wireless features the 3DS beings, it would make Secret bases so cool.
    • I'll have to find my copy of Ruby and post a screenie of my secret base. I know it's filled with a bunch of glitter and slider touch pads.

As more come to me I'll add them here. I know I'll probably be getting both Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and maybe a second copy of Omega Ruby. Just because it seems every Pokemon game retains it's worth after a few years.

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