Programming “The Public Radio” Tutorial

Congrats you got (or backed) The Public Radio and have the developer kit! For most cases following the official documentation on programming the radio works but if you ran into any issues, this tutorial might be able to help. Also I only tested this with Linux and OSX.

TOOLS: I am using this AVR programmer (Pocket AVR Programmer by SparkFun (ATtiny2313 USBtiny))

  1. Plug in the USB attached to the AVR programmer first and wait until the red LED is on.
  2. Put fresh new batteries into the device. !IMPORTANT Turn off the powering option on the AVR programming
  3. Connect the AVR programmer to the Radio with the POWER OFF 
  4. If running OSX/Linux and programming via the GUI. Enter in the radio station and other options and press the "Flash My Radio" button and within 30 seconds the radio should be programmed*
* I did get a timeout error for some reason sometimes when programming, but the radio was programmed to the station regardless.
Hopefully this helps. If you still are running into issues contact the team at the Public Radio. I had to contact them and they were extremely helpful and stayed in contact until my radio was fully working.

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